• As an agency, the most important thing about your service provider is the last thing you want to worry about - consistency.  
    When developing a brand or campaign for your clients, you need a broad range of capabilities and assurance that, despite the method used to bring your idea to life or manner by which it is delivered, every piece is going to look the same.
  • A beautiful yet simple concept, a pack of postcards with different images and bound with a simple printed band, this project was ideal for our HP Indigo 5500 digital press.  
    With variable images, each sheet came off the press already collated ensuring constant arrangement within each pack and, most importantly, allowed us to remove hand collating from the cost of the project.
  • In addition to in-store collateral and point-of-purchase materials, the image of brand extends beyond brick and mortar. 
    The brand must be the brand and immediately recognizable, whether surrounded by other collateral or standing alone amongst the other mail.
  • Produced digitally or conventionally, the color is the same, whether printed yesterday or 6 months ago.