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Meet Our Team

Capital Printing has a diverse staff with decades of printing experience.


Our motto has always been, to treat employees well, have great relationships with our customers and partners, and deliver a high-quality product that we can be proud of. Please email us, using the email icon, or upload a file using the hyperlink icon.

Michael Martin Headshot

Michael Martin

Chief Customer Officer

Sib Deliberato Headshot

Sib Deliberato

Vice President &
Plant Manager

Stephanie Levinski Headshot

Stephanie Levinski

Accounting Manager &

James Diorio Headshot

James Diorio

Director of Wide Format Operations

Nick Korody Headshot

Nick Korody

Director of Operations

Johnny Weaver

Director of Operations

Jeff Campbell Headshot

Jeff Campbell

Fulfillment Director

Sales Team

Alan Goldstein Headshot

Alan Goldstein

Account Executive

Barkley Edwards Headshot

Barkley Edwards

Account Executive

Billy Seidel Headshot

Billy Seidel

VP of Sales

David Murphy Headshot

David Murphy

Sales Executive/ Production Coordinator

Deidre Acord Headshot

Deidre Acord

VP of Sales

Derek Eastty Headshot

Derek Eastty

Sales Executive

Jack Lax

Sales Executive

Thomas Lengel

Sales Executive

Michael Haynes Headshot

Michael Haynes

Sales Executive

Rick Colaluca Headshot

Rick Colaluca

Sales Executive

Rodney Tidwell Headshot

Rodney Tidwell

Sales Executive

Tasha Bowling Headshot

Tasha Bowling

Sales Executive

Truett Holmes

Sales Executive


Leslie Mitchell Headshot

Leslie Mitchell

Production Coordinator Manager

Jeff Thurman Headshot

Jeff Thurman

Wide-Format Production Manager

Pas Facundo Headshot

Pasqual Facundo

Production Manager 2nd Shift

Wes Sageser Headshot

Wesley Sageser

Production Manager – 2nd Shift

Ethan Mullinnix HEadshot

Ethan Mullinnix

Data Manager

Alex Diaz Headshot

Alex Diaz

PrePress Manager

Zac Pond Headshot

Zach Pond

Production Manager

George Saucedo Headshot

George Saucedo

Bindery Manager

Bryan Curry

Fulfillment Lead

Shawn McDaniel

Production Manager

Production Coordinators

Irma Ramos Headshot

Irma Ramos

Production Coordinator

Diane Burgess Headshot

Diane Burgess

Production Coordinator

Kay Bristow Headshot

Kay Bristow

Production Coordinator

Kristi Breland Headshot

Kristi Breland

Production Coordinator

Rachelle Herring Headshot

Rachelle Herring

Production Coordinator

Teresa Rodriguez

Production Coordinator

Matthew Neaves

Production Coordinator

Terry Silver

Production Coordinator


Candace Fisher Headshot

Candace Fisher

Accounting Assistant

Valeria Castaneda

Accounting Assistant

Interested in joining us?

We are always looking for dedicated and driven teammates! Please submit your resume and cover letter. If your experience fits an open position, we’ll be sure to reach out!